. S5 Advisory
Sushma represented us from start up through acquisition. From finding our first 1,500 SF space for our founding team of 12 people, through 4 growth cycles, and finally a space of over 79,000 SF. She was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. She understood our needs at each stage of our development, including the idiosyncratic requirements for large labs that required extensive cooling. She was able to do this, while keeping a keen eye on costs. In fact, one of our VC's did a study and found we were paying, on a quality adjusted basis, the lowest rental rates in their entire portfolio. In all, I recommend Sushma highly and intend to use her again.

Andrew Feldman
General Manager & Corporate Vice President
Having previously worked with members of the S5 team for the last 6 years with two different companies where I have been the CEO, they are very competent in their knowledge of real estate and their work ethic is unparalleled. Whether helping us find our headquarters in SF or in the Peninsula, they were very efficient in finding great facilities extremely quickly.

In our Redwood City headquarters, we also had to get a conditional use permit to convert an historical building to office space. All the coordination and approvals were attained in a timely fashion. One of the out of the ordinary assignment was to convert neighboring raw land to a sports court for the company. From negotiating fantastic rates to strategic planning to right sizing the facility to helping us furnish the facility, I highly recommend Sushma and her team. She is a pleasure to work with and a great partner to the C-level Team.

Michael Mathieu
Chairman & CEO
Sushma helped find our space when we were still in Israel. We had a very tight window to find the office space and negotiate it effectively for our office to start in the Silicon Valley. She worked around the clock to support our needs and got the results we were trying to achieve without compromising the deal points in the LOI or the lease. Working with Sushma was like being in the same place, without feeling the 10 hours difference. Since then, we have renewed the lease twice, and she has been instrumental in negotiating our expansion space and adjusting the rate very effectively. She always try to get her clients the best deal and bring all the options to the table. We are very happy that we found Sushma and highly recommend her.

Jorge Myszne
Vice President of Products, Co-Founder
Ncomputing has worked with Sushma for the last 7 years. We got a recommendation to her from one of our investors and board members at Scale Ventures. She identified our facility in Redwood Shores and renewed it for us with significant savings. Now she has found us a sublease facility in Santa Clara which we are eagerly waiting to move into. It is fully furnished and has minimized our move in costs. I recommend her and her team.

Peter Downs
VP of Finance
I trust that your industry knowledge is such that you can give your clients the advice and guidance needed to make good decisions. This was definitely the case when it came time for us to either renew our lease or move. You showed us several options, negotiated the terms of our potential lease agreements and ultimately got us a great deal. And best of all... we didn't have to move! Two months free rent and a reduction in our current cost per square foot!

Joanna Laney
Finance / HR Manager
Sushma and her team helped my company renew our lease twice. They kept me informed of the market and tracked my lease timing. When the market dipped low, they were able to result substantial savings for my company by informing me that we could renew our lease when we still had over a year remaining on the term. We were able to reduce our rent by over 40%!

The second time when the market was starting to go up, they again called and said that we should renew the lease before the market takes off. I appreciated their vigilance of the market and the savings they were able to achieve for my company. I was very pleased with their market knowledge, dedication and hard work. I recommend them highly.

Raj Jaswa
Sushma is by all definitions a realty rockstar. We, as a client, were very demanding with very specific needs. Sushma not only met our needs, but looked out for our interests by protecting us in ways we hadn't even thought of. She is fast, well connected, smart, very professional, and extremely friendly. I've never met anyone in the realty business with more knowledge about the Bay Area than Sushma. Her ability to negotiate for you as a client is mind boggling, I've never seen such negotiation finesse before. Moreover, she never stopped working hard for us even after our deal was completed... she continued to make sure we were satisfied as a client long after our real estate needs were met. I will never turn anywhere else for my real estate needs, nor should you.

Japheth Dillman
co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
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